This is the Nassau Baseball League

No Games Since 2006 

in May 2006 the Government of the Bahamas bulldozed the only baseball stadium for the league to play its games in May 2006 to make way for the new Thomas A, Robinson Track & Field Stadium, leave the largest baseball league in the Bahamas with no where to play since, This is Inhumane.  
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The Nassau Baseball has sat dormant for the last 12 years now with no signs of a baseball stadium in sight, the league continues to lose young men who really wants to play the game that love.   The Nassau Baseball Leagues needs a lighted field that has the ability to play night games for our older young men.  A Stadium was promised in 2003 but never came through, in 2011 the photo on the right for a Andre Rodgers Baseball Complex did not come off, The New  21 million dollars Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium was started in 2017, but has now came to stop, with no restart up date.
1993 Season Opener of the Nassau Baseball League, the Stands was fulling up for that days game.
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