Top 5 Ways to Improve Performance

If you’re son plays baseball in Nassau County, chances are he will want to improve his performance. There is no doubt he will ask that question as he matures.

Long Island has some of the best youth baseball leagues in all of New York State.

When competing for travel league roster spots or getting to a serious point of your baseball career, you’ll need to start improving your skills.

We made it easy for you by picking out the top 5 ways that excellent baseball players do to improve their performance.

Ready? Let’s go!

Improve Youth Baseball in Nassau County NY

Improving Your Performance as a Baseball Player

Ok, here we go. The top 5 ways to improve your performance on the old ball diamond. This list is for Youth baseball players, but can also help the more advanced player as well.

1. Find the Right Coach

This is the key to getting better. Why do all Major League ball players have hitting coaches? Fielding coaches? Running coaches and strength coaches?

That’s right. It’s because it helps them improve. There are millions of dollars on the line for these players and they will use ever edge in the book to get better.

You should find a coach that knows what he’s doing and can get you to the next level.

2. Be a Sponge

How much can you learn?

What can you take from everyone that has been successful? That will be the difference between MR. KNOW-IT-ALL and a good player who wants to LEARN!

If you are a dad reading this, tell your son to learn. You don’t know it all either. Unless you played in the Big Leagues.

3. Implement What You Learned

If you have a really good coach, start using what you learn. This will only help you improve. Baseball is a game of consistency. If you are not consistent, you might as well tell your mom and dad to turn the car around, go home and stay on the x-box sticks until its time for college.

Implement the teachings and you will find out that it works. Be coachable.

4. Keep Practicing

If you really want to improve your performance, you must keep practicing. We are all about playing multiple sports. However, you need to practice hard to get really good at baseball.

Hitting, fielding, throwing and running. At some point you will want to get stronger too. That falls in the strength category. When you are young, you don’t need to worry about this as much.

5. Have Fun

Seriously, would you keep playing a sport that you are not having fun in? Do not just keep playing because your parents are making you do it.

Play for the love of the game. Play because you truly want to master your skills and get to the next level.

Hitting a home run, base hit, a double, or even throwing someone out at home can be thrilling. Do it for those moments. The feeling you get when you make a great play to help your team.


That’s our list of the top 5 ways to improve. We hope you gained some valuable info here. Stay tuned for more great tips, especially for Nassau County Baseball players.

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