Our National Past Time Swing For The Fences

Have you ever wondered why everyone calls baseball our national past time? That question has always crossed my mind. However, I think I finally understand it.

Baseball is Our National Past Time

Think about when you were a kid. You were with your friends on the diamond, in the dugout, stretching in the outfield and the list goes on. Swinging two baseball bats to get warmed up before you step up in the cage for BP.

Every time I think of baseball, I think of all the great memories the sport has gave me. Now it’s time for us to give back to this great team sport. It’s time for the younger generation to experience all the great things we did when we were young.

Giving Back to Baseball

That’s why Nassau Baseball League information is back and ready then ever to deliver top quality baseball content. We’ll be working on our site from time to time, so please be patient with us. One thing is for certain…. you will find the best information about baseball right here on our blog. We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

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